Student Life

Our leadership is made up of students from every corner of campus, consisting of future engineers, nurses, teachers, politicians, social workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, ministers, musicians, and artists. These students unite as brothers and sisters in Christ and have committed to using their gifts to bring God glory and to lead others to know Him. 
BCM leadership works to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching students for Christ, connecting them to a local church, discipling them, and sending them out to follow Christ on our campus, in our community, and to the ends of the earth.

Leadership Team 2022

If you are interested in serving on BCM Leadership Teams for 2022 in the role of President, Team Leader, Team Member, or Worship Band Member, please read the Leadership Team Description and complete the leadership team application form below. If you are interested in beingContinue reading “Leadership Team 2022”

Summer Missions Interest Form

If you are interested in participating in Summer Missions for the summer of 2022, please fill out the following form and a member of the missions team will contact you.


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