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At the BCM, we want to stay in touch with former students and those who care about the ministry of the BCM.  If you are not receiving regular updates on the ministry, please click here.

BCM/BSU Alumni Board Scholarships:

The BCM/BSU Alumni board offers five scholarships. To complete the application click on the link on number 5. The deadline to apply is March 9, 2018.

In order to interview for these scholarships on March 17th at the BCM a student must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be a growing Christian
2. Be a full-time undergraduate student currently attending Tennessee Tech and planning to attend next year
3. Be active in the TnTech BCM
4. Possess a university G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher
5. Complete all items on this form!
6. Submit a photo with your name to
7. Sign up for an interview time here!

Below are descriptions of the five scholarships:

– The A. B. McKay Scholarship for Christian Service is in honor of a Cookeville businessman who took needy Tennessee Tech students into his home and supported them while they were in school.  He would also send students to local businesses with instructions to purchase shoes or clothing and to have the items charged to his account.  He died in 1971 but his influence carried on through the lives of those he ministered to in his own unique way.  This scholarship was first awarded in 1974.

– The Gwendolyn Boyette Button Scholarship for Christian Leadership is in honor of one of the first directors of the Tennessee Tech BSU.  While working full-time at First Baptist Church, Cookeville, Miss Button helped organize and develop Baptist Student work on the Tennessee Tech campus.  Miss Button’s efforts are responsible for much of the history and tradition at the Tennessee Tech BSU/BCM.  The scholarship was given first in 1981.

– The Phillip K. Thompson and Hazel Wall Scholarship for Spiritual Growth was established as a memorial fund for two special people and first presented in 1983.  Phillip K. Thompson was a Tennessee Tech students who gave much of himself to others in the short time he was at Tennessee Tech.  Although he was in poor health and facing death, he involved himself in many activities of the BSU.  Phillip died in February 1983.  His family established this scholarship as a tribute to the friends who ministered to and alongside him during his days at the BSU.

Miss Hazel Wall is recognized as one of the early leaders in the development of the Baptist Student Union work on the Tennessee Tech campus.  She served as the very first president of the Tennessee Tech BSU while a student in the 1920’s.  She also served as a Faculty Advisor to the BSU.  As a life-long member of First Baptist Church, Cookeville, she was totally devoted to the advancement of the influence of BSU work on Tennessee Tech’s campus.  After her death in 1996, a memorial fund was established in her memory.  The Alumni Association voted in 1997 to honor her memory along with Phillip K. Thompson’s by renaming this scholarship for both of them.

– The Pauline Roberson Scholarship for Christian Education was created to honor a longstanding supporter and friend of the Tennessee Tech BSU.  Miss Polly, as she was fondly called, stated, “…it is my hope that the recipient will teach Christian values as diligently as he/she teaches the ‘three R’s’.  Although government can alter our methods of teaching, it cannot stop the love of God flowing through the life of the one who teaches.”  Miss Polly retired in 1986 after teaching 26 years and died in November, 2006.  This scholarship was first presented in 1989.

– The Wiles Scholarship for Servant Leadership has been created to honor Dr. Joe and Anna Lee Wiles who have served as a team of directors since 1991.  Prior to 1991, Dr. Joe served as interim director twice and Anna Lee served once.  Altogether, they served about 22 years at Tennessee Tech BSU/BCM.  They retired the summer of 2008.  Some former students wished to honor them for demonstrating servant leadership in the everyday service to students at the Tennessee Tech BCM.  This scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2005.



Here is the latest Alumni Newsletter:

BCM Alumni Newsletter – Sept 2017


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