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At the BCM, we want to stay in touch with former students and those who care about the ministry of the BCM.  If you are not receiving regular updates on the ministry, please click here.

TN Tech BCM Banquet Cancellation

Covid-19 continues to impact all of us this year. It has caused disruptions to our lives. It has also impacted the BCM. Because of this, we are having to cancel our  fundraising event until a later date; however, the ministry of the BCM is still ongoing, and they are in need of our support today.

So, I would like to ask you to consider making the same donation you did last year to the work of the BCM. If all of us do that, the ministry of the BCM will go on uninterrupted and we will continue to see the lives of students changed by the Gospel of Christ.

If you are donating monthly, please just re-up your amount for 2022. If you gave a one-time gift last year, please consider sending that amount in again for the work of the BCM. That is my challenge to you! The BCM is a great influence on all who were privileged to be a part of that ministry when at TTU. It has shaped lives for many of you. Let’s help it continue to shape the lives of students of this generation and beyond.

In Christ,

Mike Head

BCM Board Member

New Building Update

So far, $130,039.25 has been given/pledged.

These past couple of months have been difficult for all of us in so many ways. First, the tornados that have hit Nashville, Cookeville and the Chattanooga area. Second,  the Covid-19 Pandemic has practically shut down life as we know it. In the middle of this chaos, we serve a God who is in control and will bring about His Will in the midst of these trying times. He is still at work and doing a lot through the TTU BCM. Ministry is still happening and lives are being changed. So, we all need to be faithful in support of this great ministry that has impacted all of us for many years.

To date, we have collected/pledged $130,039.25 toward the Building Campaign goal of $200,000. Thru the first 6 months of this campaign we are about 40% of the way to reaching our goal! In 2020, six individuals made monthly commitments. It is not too late to join in and help expand the ministry of the TTU BCM. This is where we need YOU!

I know many of you are facing financial challenges due to what is going on in our world today. We want you to know that we understand and pray that once you are back on your feet, you will continue to support this building campaign. For those of you who are still able at this time to give, we encourage you to do this now. There are several ways for you to participate:

1. Make a 3 year pledge – EX. If 200 alumni and friends pledged $333 per year for 3 years, we would reach our goal!
2. Make an Annual gift – Make a commitment to 3 annual gifts to the campaign
3. Make a monthly commitment for 3 years – if 250 people gave $25 a month for 3 years we surpass our goal!!
4. Make a One-Time gift

The bottom line is we want YOU to participate! Those of us who are alumni of the TTU BCM would not have benefited had it not been for the sacrificial giving of others when we were in school. Now it is our turn! We can INVEST in the lives of college students who are impacting the campus with Gospel!

Prayerfully consider how God has blessed you and make a pledge/gift today. There are two ways to give:

1. Mail pledge/contribution to: Baptist Collegiate Ministry, 106 W. 7th St., Cookeville, TN 38501
2. Go to the BCM website – and give through Paypal

Psalm 62:2 says, “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will never be shaken.” We need to continue to trust in our “Rock”. Don’t let what is happening in the world shake you! Continue to Trust God!

Bill Gruenewald, Building Campaign Chair
TTU 1979,80

Other Ways To Give Back

1. Ministry budget– comes from the Cooperative Program, churches, Stone Association, parents, alumni, students, and friends just like you. Consider these ways to give!
-Monthly Giving- $10-20/month establishes a consistent funding for ministry
-Attend the banquet- October 30, 2020 at Leslie Town Centre from 6-8pm
-One time gift

2. Gentry Seminary Fund
This is an endowment that is given yearly to a seminary student for their school expenses. It helps to equip and train vocationally-called ministers of the Gospel of Jesus.

3. Haskins Missions Fund
This provides funds to help students with financial needs who feel called to go on short term missions.

4. Student Academic Scholarships

– The A. B. McKay Scholarship for Christian Service
– The Gwendolyn Boyette Button Scholarship for Christian Leadership
– The Phillip K. Thompson and Hazel Wall Scholarship for Spiritual Growth
– The Pauline Roberson Scholarship for Christian Education
– The Wiles Scholarship for Servant Leadership 

To designate funds to the Student Academic Scholarships, mail checks to BCM/BSU Alumni Board, P.O. Box 45, Cookeville, TN 38501

5. Alumni Work Day

Ways To Connect

1. Banquet
Sit at a table from your decade! Contacts for each era will be posted soon!

2. Homecoming

3. 50s & 60s Alumni Fellowship

4. Alumni Work Days at the BCM– Check back for a specific day in May.

Student Academic Scholarship Application Process

The BCM/BSU Alumni Board offers five scholarships. To complete the application click on the link on number 5. Applications will be accepted in the Spring of 2019.

In order to interview for these scholarships on March 23rd at the BCM a student must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be a growing Christian
2. Be a full-time undergraduate student currently attending Tennessee Tech and planning to attend next year
3. Be active in the TnTech BCM
4. Possess a university G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher
5. Complete all items on this form!
6. Submit a photo with your name to
7. Sign up for an interview time here!

Below are the five academic scholarships:
– The A. B. McKay Scholarship for Christian Service
– The Gwendolyn Boyette Button Scholarship for Christian Leadership
– The Phillip K. Thompson and Hazel Wall Scholarship for Spiritual Growth 
– The Pauline Roberson Scholarship for Christian Education
– The Wiles Scholarship for Servant Leadership