“I Am Second” Day @ TN Tech University

UPDATE: On Feb. 10th from 9am-8pm, we transformed the Tech Pride Room into a coffee shop atmosphere where we showed I Am Second videos every 15 minutes and BCM leaders shared their testimonies in between.

Here are some of the known results:

Known Results:
  • 1 female student from Saudi Arabia heard the Gospel for the first time from a BCM student and stayed to watch four videos.
  • 3 students asked for follow up to help them make Jesus first in their lives.
  • 4 Students asked for follow up to know how they can start a group to reach their friends.
  • 6 churches participated with leadership, prayer, and by bringing snacks.
  • 37 BCM students shared their testimonies between videos of how Jesus has changed their lives, many for the first time.
  • 39 I Am Second testimonies were shown over 10.5 hours on campus.
  • We saw a couple of hundred students come through the room to watch at least one video & hear at least one BCM students testimony.
  • BCM students had conversations with a few hundred more students and faculty as they invited students to come in to the room and while explaining what “I Am Second” is all about.

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Below are some resource we made for the day:

TPR Flyer

I am second response card

TPR Flyer

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